What We Do

Lending Made Easy

Construction Loans

SilverSky Capital Funding originates commercial and residential construction/rehab loans.

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Bridge Loans

SilverSkyCapital originates bridge loans secured by commercial and residential real estate in major metropolitan areas only.

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Cannabis RE & Land Lot Loans

SilverSky originates loans secured by commercial properties used for cannabis purposes throughout the Western US.

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Line of credit (RELOC)

Our structured finance can help established income property investors access the capital they need to acquire multiple properties quickly, without the typical closing times associated with secured financing.

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Rental Property Loans

Rental Property Loans for purchases, refinancing, or cash out refinancing are one of SilverSky Capital’s most sought-after products. Many clients move from a short-term SilverSky construction loan to a long-term rental loan in seamless fashion.

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Flipper Loans

Loans for investors who are buying distressed properties, rehabbing, and selling. Sensible, flexible, and fast!

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