Line of credit


Silversky Capital offers unique unsecured revolving lines of credit to professional investors who purchase, renovate, and sell distressed properties. Our lines of credit provide borrowers with a reliable source of finance where capital is reserved and guaranteed to be there when it’s needed. Because loan points are paid annually on the line amount, and not per transaction, our lines of credit provide far better leverage at a lower price than typical one-off hard money, fix and flip lenders.The unsecured line of credit allows investors to maintain complete control of their process, and effectively double their business for half the cost of an equity partner.

Financing Available for:

  • Single Family Residences
  • Condominium Units
  • Residential Income Properties
  • Commercial & Retail Income Properties

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  • RELOC can provide up to 100% short-term financing for immediate acquisition of real estate.
  • Credit lines start as low as 0% from 3 months
  • Rates after introductory period Approx. 7.99%
  • 100% Uncollateralized
  • Facility terms are 12 months and there is a 90-day maturity on all advances.
  • Recourse to a qualified sponsor is required (unsecured)
  • $1 million to $5 million lines available
  • Interest paid on ACTUAL money outstanding (not line size)
  • Interest only charged on outstanding balance

  • Finance your acquisition AND renovation budget
  • Borrow, Repay, and Borrow again
  • Advances made within 2 days of request
  • Quicker for repeat borrowers
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Flexibility to Increase the line size as your business grows
  • Permanent financing options may be available
  • All of our Consultants are FICO® Pro Certified
  • Minimum current FICO® scores of 720+ are great but we have funded many clients with FICO® scores as low as 650.
  • No recent derogatories and no major derogatory items.
  • At least 5 years of Credit History is preferred.
  • Credit Partners (business partner, spouse, friend, or family member) can be used to qualify also.
  • Qualified applicants must have sound financials, relevant real estate investment experience, evident operational sophistication, and an ongoing busines
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